Humphrey Law 60% Wool Patterned Health sock - Blk
Humphrey Law

Humphrey Law 60% Wool Patterned Health sock - Blk

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 Style Code: 85C

Pattern: Linear

This fine merino wool dress sock is excellent for business wear. It keeps feet warm and comfortable, but is fine enough to fit comfortably in most shoes. Extra nylon reinforcing gives longer wear. A Health Sock® with no tight elastic top. (The plain version of this sock is Style 86C.)

Contents: 60% Fine Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, 2% Elastane.

No tight elastic comfort top

Stay up without restricting Circulation

May assist diabetics

 Powered by the sun

Solar panels generate half of our electricity, so every second sock is powered by the sun.

Our merino wool is selected fine Australian fleece wool. The comfort factor exceeds 98% - so it will not prickle or itch.



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