NZ Sock Hexagonal-Low Compression
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NZ Sock Hexagonal-Low Compression

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We decided to make our dress socks better by revamping them into NuYarn® and adding some key health features for your wearing experience. Now we've made them better again by adding in a number of patterned options, because practical doesn't always have to mean plain right? This masculine and fun hexagonal pattern is sure to brighten up your sock draw in a way your feet will thank you for!

These Health Dress socks are a combination of sophisticated NuYarn® technology with high stretch cuffs for low compression and our patented Paladin™ protection pad for optimal comfort and care. 

  • High stretch double cuff to ensure the sock stays in place while offering low compression for healthy circulation of the leg.
  • Fine knit Nuyarn® for advanced stretch and blister free wear.
  • Nylon reinforced to the exterior of the sock for durability.
  • Seamless toe for abrasion free wear.
  • Anatomical construction for left and right feet for advanced fit.
  • Paladin™ Protection Pad to reduce compression of the bridge of the foot ensuring optimal health benefits.

 55% NuYarn® (51% Merino Wool, 5% Nylon),24% Elastane, 21% Nylon

Made in New Zealand

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