NZ Sock W Merino Comfort Top-336
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NZ Sock W Merino Comfort Top-336

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A fine knit Merino Wool dress sock for everyday comfort with a twist. The conventional cuff of this sock has been removed to create a supremely comfortable option that is easy on the legs. The top of this sock is simply finished with a little elastic that allows the sock to stretch out and roll over. 

    1. Comfort roll top for a relaxed fitting option that offers minimal compression on the leg.
    2. Fine knit Merino Wool for superior comfort. 
    3. Nylon reinforced to the exterior of the sock for durability.
    4. Seamless to for abrasion free wear. 
    •  64% Merino Wool
    • 27% Elastane
    • 9% Nylon 

    Made in New Zealand 


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