Merino Possum Mini Striped Sock.
Merino Possum Mini Striped Sock.
Noble Wilde

Merino Possum Mini Striped Sock.

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Classic stripes in warmest Possum Merino. Knitted in New Zealand.

Thick, warm socks with two colourways to choose from - shades of blue, shades of grey and shades of pink and purple.

Includes 'Plush Zones' at the heel and toe. Plush Zones are fabricated with denser knits giving a thicker, softer feel around those all-important hard-working areas of the feet. They provide greater comfort and enhanced wear performance to those parts of the socks that do the heavy lifting. In short, they'll feel comfier and last longer!

Mid calf height with ribbed cuff

Made in New Zealand from a rich, warm blend of

  • 33% Possum fibre
  • 44% Merino
  • 7% silk
  • 16% synthetic (elastic for stretch and nylon for durability).


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