Merino Possum Polyprop Gloves
Noble Wilde

Merino Possum Polyprop Gloves

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  • These amazing and uniquely New Zealand gloves are a mix of natural and man made, being, our wonderful Merino wool (32%) with all its well known qualities, our super cosy and lightweight possum fur (22%), 32% polyproylene and 14% elastane.
  • Merino wool retains warmth next to the skin and the hollow core of the possum fur will not freeze even in sub zero temperatures.
  • The polypropylene has wickability to draw moisture to the exteriour of the glove, as well as providing a harder wearing quality, while elastane gives stretch and a firmer fit.
  • Wash in cool to warm water, do NOT dryclean or tumble dry.
  • Available in Black/Marl . Colours are marled due to the inclusion of Polypro and Possum fur so are not pure colours.
  • Made in Christchurch, New Zealand.


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